Nicollet Calls for End to Backroom Deals


Independence Party Candidate for Governor Hannah Nicollet calls for an end to the hypocrisy and back-room deal-making that were on full display, on and off the stage, during Minnesota’s first and only major market televised gubernatorial debate Sunday morning.

“This is one of the reasons I got into this race, to end these types of shady deals that are hurting the public, but benefitting politicians,” Nicollet said.

Nicollet, who shares the same legal status as Republicans and Democrats, was not only barred from participating in the debate, but she was also refused entry as an audience member by Hamline staff. Her supporters, as well as Hamline alumni, were also turned away from watching the debate at a viewing party on-campus.

“FOX-9 and Hamline are purposefully aiding the Dayton and Johnson campaigns by trying to squash the only other major political party in the state of Minnesota,” said Nicollet, who plans to sue Hamline University for appearing to violate their own 501(3)(c) policies by not allowing all major party candidates to participate. “I would rather not have to take legal action, but Hamline refused to follow their own policies, which is to include all legitimate candidates. This error was brought to their attention by students, alumni and the campaign.”

“I also find it ironic that during the debate Jeff Johnson tried to swing libertarians his way, while libertarians were barred from the hall and the viewing party,” Nicollet said. “Hamline seems to be following the bad precedent set by the Duluth Chamber, which admitted blocking us from the third gubernatorial debate due to pressure from the Johnson campaign. ”

On Friday, Hamline appeared to try to cover its tracks by changing the language on its website from “partnering” to “hosting” the debate.

“These actions are offensive, partisan and don’t serve the interests of Minnesotans,” Nicollet said. “If we allow this to stand, we will never get the changes we need.”

- Hannah Nicollet of Roseville, a former software developer, is the endorsed Independence Party Candidate for Governor. A mother of two, she is married to Mark, a veteran of the Afghanistan War. Her photo and full bio are available at

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