Duluth Chamber Blocks Nicollet from Governor’s Debate


The Nicollet for Governor campaign has been informed by David Ross, President & CEO of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, that Hannah Nicollet will be excluded from the Duluth-area governor’s debate because it “would be a violation of the trust we were afforded by the Dayton and Johnson teams. It is that simple.”

Although Gov. Mark Dayton has expressed his desire to have Ms. Nicollet in all the debates, many Republican strategists believe her participation would draw fiscally conservative voters from Jeff Johnson with her policies of abolishing the state corporate tax and eliminating the influence of special interest groups. Johnson is endorsed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, whose Duluth chapter is co-sponsoring the debate with the Duluth News Tribune.

Nicollet, a former software developer from Roseville, is the first major party female candidate for Minnesota governor. Debate organizers have said it would be breaking “precedent” to include her in the debate. However, they included the Green Party’s Skip Sandman in the Eighth Congressional debate and Independence Party candidate for governor Tom Horner four years ago.

“Of course we are disappointed, but we will continue to work on behalf of all Minnesotans who can’t afford a lobbyist to get the government they deserve,” said Nicollet, who participated in both the Rochester and Moorhead gubernatorial debates.

- Hannah Nicollet of Roseville, a former software developer, is the endorsed Independence Party Candidate for Governor. A mother of two, she is married to Mark, a veteran of the Afghanistan War. Her photo and full bio is available at hannahnicollet.com

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  • Nicollet, IP candidate, excluded from next gubernatorial debate - Rick Kupchella's – BringMeTheNews.com
    October 12, 2014 (10:51 pm)

    […] TheTuesday debate is sponsored by the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce and the Duluth News Tribune. The chamber’s president, David Ross, informed Nicollet of the decision Saturday, saying her participation “would be a violation of the trust we were afforded by the Dayton and Johnson teams. It is that simple,” according to a statement posted on the Nicollet campaign’s website. […]

  • Josh D. Ondich
    October 12, 2014 (11:52 pm)

    I believe this is politics as usual amongst the two parties and their special interest groups like the Chamber of Commerce. I am wondering if The Duluth Chamber of Commerce saw Hannah as a viable candidate that could overshadow their endorsed candidate. That’s could be why they excluded Hannah. I find it puzzling that a Green Party candidate got to debate in the 8th congressional district. I believe the Green Party candidate was not even viable enough to rattle political cages, so they added him. It is disappointing and frustrating on the principle that all major party candidates are not included in every debate. I believe Hannah is the best choice for Governor.

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