Dayton Response Too Little, Too Late


Independence Party candidate for governor Hannah Nicollet issued the following statement today regarding another preventable tragic death of a child caused by domestic violence:

“I’m glad to see that the governor has finally become aware of the issue of domestic abuse. Every woman knows that domestic violence is one of the most common crimes committed in this country and that the resources committed to ending this violence are woefully underfunded.

“Women and children don’t have well-funded lobbyists working for them at the Capitol, so unlike the Vikings they have a much harder time getting funding for shelters and child protection workers.

“The governor dedicated $640 million in tax dollars to building a stadium for the Vikings while this child had 15 reports of abuse, of which 14 were ignored because the social service system is overwhelmed.

“This child died from neglect, not just from his parents, but also from his government who knew his plight but ignored his needs.

“As the mother of two, a survivor of childhood abuse and an advocate for anti-trafficking organizations, I know first-hand that our state is not doing enough. What we need is a governor who helps those who need it the most and not those who contribute the most to campaigns.”

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