Nicollet Supporters To Protest Tonight’s Almanac Debate




Twin Cities Public Television Station, which just received $9 million dollars in taxpayer funds, plans to exclude major party candidate Hannah Nicollet from tonight’s gubernatorial debate, despite rising poll numbers.

Nicollet is polling at 5-percent (6-percent with leaners), which is the state threshold for major party status and would have qualified her for past Almanac debates. However, this year, Almanac changed its criteria and Nicollet would have had to rise an additional 2-percent in a poll released today to qualify.

“Minnesota voters have designated the Independence Party as a major party and yet debate organizers are choosing to disqualify us,” Nicollet said. “Any publicly funded station should be required to represent all major party candidates.”

Despite her rise in Star Tribune polling, Almanac said Nicollet still won’t qualify because she falls 0.3-percent short of its new average polling requirement. Nicollet would have needed to reach 7-percent in a poll today to qualify.

Nicollet supporters plan to rally outside Almanac tonight to protest the Independence Party’s exclusion from this and two previous debates. Almanac declined to evoke its journalist privilege to include Nicollet, which its debate policy allows.

 – Hannah Nicollet of Roseville, a former software developer, is the endorsed Independence Party candidate for Governor. A mother of two, she is married to Mark, a veteran of the Afghanistan War. Her photo and full bio are available at


Nicollet campaign: Shannon Fiecke, (612)