Free to move

Transportation is a core responsibility of government. Yet our state highways and city and county roads are crumbling, and our truckers and commuters are needlessly stuck in traffic.

The Twin Cities-area is projected to only have $52 million available annually for highway congestion relief from 2014 to 2022, but yet it spent $957 million on a light rail train that takes nearly one hour to travel the 11-mile route between Minneapolis and St. Paul – a price-tag greater than our entire bonding bill for the whole state and a route already well-served by express buses. That isn’t to say that one mode of transportation is inherently superior to another. Rather than a knee-jerk response, we need a cost-benefit analysis to be the prerequisite for our transportation expenditures. 

The bottom line is that in an era of limited resources and aging infrastructure, we can’t afford unwise investments.