Other Issues

Here are some answers to common issues Hannah is asked about:

Gun Control

I am a supporter of the Second Amendment as a necessary right of a free people. Please watch my YouTube video for more:

In regards to gun violence, I support a trigger within the courts system to prevent persons who are committed as mentally ill from obtaining weapons. Mental health support is also necessary to preventing violence of all kinds.


Abortion is largely a U.S. Supreme Court matter, but the administration of that law is up to Minnesota. I stand where many Minnesotans do. I oppose taxpayer funding of elective abortions and would sign legislation that bans late-term abortions conducted for the purpose of birth control. Further, I support efforts at decreasing abortions: Education, adoption-support, religious support and community support organizations. Women who are educated and in good socioeconomic standing rarely choose to have abortions.


I believe marriage is a matter of freedom of association. I support the right of free adults to enter into contract with each other, and I oppose the government determining which voluntary associations should be permitted and which should be prohibited. Beyond that, marriage is a personal and religious matter.

Wolf Hunt

I support enforcing the five-year moratorium and then re-evaluating the issue with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.