Criminal justice

Free from crime

Our courts are swamped and our public defenders are overwhelmed.

Minnesota has the highest recidivism rate in the country and we spend $460 million per year on our prisons.

It’s time we refocus. 

Instead of worrying about victimless crime, we should focus on keeping thieves, con artists, murderers and rapists off the streets.

Instead of being punishment-based, our justice system should shift its focus to rehabilitation.

Valuable resources and attention are getting filtered into a drug war that has not accomplished a reduction in drug abuse, and it makes us less safe. Maintaining the prohibition on drugs only strengthens cartels and gangs and increases the amount of violence. Instead of treating addicts like violent criminals – locking them up, disrupting families and derailing people from productive society – we should focus on helping them overcome their addiction, treating it like the medical problem it really is.

As Governor, I would work to pardon non-violent drug offenders, allowing them to become productive citizens and reintegrate into society. I would also protect constitutional rights – creating privacy safeguards and working to end unnecessary no-knock SWAT raids that endanger law enforcement personnel and citizens alike.